Idaho Registered Dietitian Nutritionist in Action: Kyli Gough, RD, LD

This year the Idaho Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is celebrating 70 years of our Idaho affiliate. In leading up to our BIG celebration at our Annual Meeting in April, we will be highlighting our members and what they do as the ‘Nutrition Experts’ for our great state of Idaho. Today we are recognizing:

Kyli Gough 


Community Health Manager

As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, what do you do?  

I work as the Community Health Manager for both St. Luke’s Magic Valley & Jerome hospitals. In my role I get to collaborate and work with our community partners to find innovative ways to help our community in the areas of biggest need. Our mission is to efficiently use our local resources and community partnerships to improve the health of the Magic Valley, Jerome and surrounding communities. The best part of my position is that I have the opportunity to work hand in hand with other organizations as we strive to make Twin Falls, Jerome and the surrounding communities a better place to live. This is a new and exciting opportunity for me as well as our community because it is a new position. I have been in my role for approximately four months.

What are the benefits you have seen from your services in the Idaho community?

As I mentioned this is a very new position. However, already in a short time, I have seen the communication lines open up between many organizations and community partners with excitement around impacting the health of our community together. There are many organizations who have been offering wonderful services and programs in our community for a long time. Our goal is to ensure we are not duplicating services, but identifying gaps around our top community health needs. While this portion of the work does take some time, it allows us the needed opportunity to get things right and ensure we have the whole picture before taking the next step. St. Luke’s cannot do this work alone, nor should we, I continue to build relationships in the community so we can all help complement one another and convene community stakeholders to work on making a collective impact together. The future is bright!

How can someone reach you to access your services?

I can be reached at my office: 208.814.0046 or


Thank you Kyli for all that you do for our great state of Idaho!

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  1. Amber Bulcher says:

    Good Job Kylie!


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