Announcing the Idaho Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics 2018 Idaho State University Outstanding Dietetic Student Awards

The purpose of the Outstanding Dietetics Student Award program is to recognize the emerging leadership and achievement of students in ACEND-accredited and approved dietetics education programs and encourage their participation in the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Idaho State University selected three students for this award: one from the Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD), one from the Dietetic Internship in Pocatello, and one from the Dietetic Internship in Meridian. Faculty, preceptors, and students assisted with the selection.

All students will be recognized at the Annual Meeting, April 19th – 20th, 2018 and their bios will be featured after the Annual Meeting in this blog. 

The Idaho Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics awards each ODSA a one-year membership in the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.


  • Member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Students must be members by January 1st of the year in which they would receive the award. Student enrolled in ACEND-accredited dietetics education program (CP, DI, DPD, DT).
  • Demonstrated academic achievement as documented by letters from program faculty or preceptor.
  • Demonstrated leadership and professional potential; e.g., honors, student dietetic association activities, community service activities, etc.



Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD)

Andrea Jeffery


Andrea is a non-traditional student who earned her B.S. in Dietetics in December 2017. She is currently completing a distance internship with Be Well Solutions out of Cleveland, OH. Andrea brought a wealth of experience to the classroom with a former bachelor’s degree in Human Services, owning and operating her own business and extensive volunteering in the community. Andrea was well respected among her peers and heavily relied upon by the faculty as our Career Path Intern working on setting up foods lab experiences, assisting with faculty research, running recruitment events and assisting with the recent self-study and site visit. Andrea can be described as curious, methodical, detail oriented, self-directed, empathetic, and engaging. She will be a tremendous asset to our profession.


Dietetic Internship in Pocatello

Stephanie Fisher



The ISU Dietetic Faculty would like to nominate Stephanie Fisher as the outstanding Pocatello Dietetic Intern for the IAND conference in April 2018.

Stephanie is a 2017 graduate of the Idaho State University Didactic Program in Dietetics.  She finishes the internship in May 2018 and has been well received by the faculty, her peers, and especially her preceptors.  Stephanie exemplifies the outstanding intern through her positive attitude during a busy and stressful school year and going above and beyond what is expected of her. 

Stephanie surprised herself by how much she enjoyed her clinical rotation and is now interested in pursuing clinical dietetics for her career.  She will be a wonderful asset to our profession.


Dietetic Internship in Meridian 

Rebecca Naldo


Rebecca Naldo came to the ISU Meridian internship from Arizona State University in Phoenix, Arizona. During her dietetic internship, Rebecca has participated in many extracurricular activities including food demonstrations at community health screening clinics and health professions fairs. She is always willing to be involved in additional learning opportunities and produces quality work in all she does. She has
shown her ability to be flexible when her rotations have changed mid-year and is able to keep calm and accept any challenge that comes her way.

Rebecca is calm, mature and always participating in class discussions and activities. Preceptors give her high marks for her motivation, dependability, and ability to work independently. She catches on very  quickly and performs at the highest level. It has been a pleasure to have her in the internship, and she has been a great representative of ISU!




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