Idaho Registered Dietitian Nutritionist in Action: Danielle Basye RDN, LD

During 2017, the Idaho Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics will be highlighting our members and what they do as the ‘Nutrition Experts’ for our great state of Idaho. Today we are recognizing:

Danielle Basye RDN, LD


Clinical Dietitian and Yoga Instructor 

As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, what do you do?  

Currently I work for a skilled nursing facility and rehabilitation center in Meridian. I monitor the nutritional status of all resident’s in the building, both on LTC and short stay rehab. I work closely with patients during rehabilitation in providing nutrition education, nutrition assessment and monitoring enteral/parenteral nutrition as patients are transitioning to an oral diet. Not only do I work with the patients, but I work alongside the family to ensure the best nutritional status for their loved ones.

What are the benefits you have seen from your services in the Idaho community?

Some of the benefits working as a dietitian with resident’s in LTC is to provide comfort and enjoyment through food during their stay with us, whether that be five years or just a few months. Often times family members are worried with the nutritional status of their elderly family. As a dietitian I am able to relieve some of that stress for the family s our IDT team works diligently to monitor and work at preventing any decline in nutritional status. Working with rehab patients as a Dietitian can have a direct impact of quality of life during acute rehab and post discharge.  As a dietitian I work with each patient on meeting nutritional needs so they are able to heal effectively and meet their goals in therapy through proper nutrition.

On the side I also work as a registered yoga teacher teaching a body positive yoga class for all shapes and sizes. I use my knowledge as a dietitian and a yoga teacher to convey mindfulness, awareness, and self gratitude.  

How can someone reach you to access your services?

I can be reached via e-mail at for any information about my current job position or for yoga class inquiries.


Thank you Danielle for all that you do for our great state of Idaho!

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*Posted by Rachelle Ausman, RDN, LD, CHC (Idaho Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Social Media Chair)
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