Idaho Registered Dietitian Nutritionist in Action: Colleen Fillmore, PhD, RDN, LD, SNS

During 2017, the Idaho Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics will be highlighting our members and what they do as the ‘Nutrition Experts’ for our great state of Idaho. Today we are recognizing:

Colleen Fillmore, PhD, RDN, LD, SNS

USDA Idaho Child Nutrition Director for the Idaho Department of Education


As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, what do you do?  

I am the State Director for Idaho USDA Child Nutrition Programs, State Department of Education (SDE). The funds for these programs are through USDA/Food and Nutrition Service. These programs include the National School Lunch ProgramSchool Breakfast ProgramChild and Adult Care Food ProgramSummer Food Service ProgramFresh Fruit and Vegetable Program, Team Nutrition Grants, Direct Certification Grant, Administrative Review Training Grant, Equipment Grants, Wellness, USDA Foods, Snacks, Suppers and Special Milk Program.

I oversee 14 employees and am responsible for an annual internal budget of $8,948.596 for Federal Fiscal Year (FFY15) and an annual flow through budget to Idaho CNP programs of $85,128,794 (FFY15).

What are the benefits you have seen from your services in the Idaho community?

These programs help fight hunger and obesity by reimbursing organizations such as schools, child care centers, and afterschool programs for providing healthy meals to children. These programs provide nutritionally balanced, low‐cost or free lunches to more than 44 million Idaho children in 2015.  In the FFY15 we served the following meals; 5,461,657 meals in the CACFP (Child and Adult Care Food Program; 1,238,383 meals in the SFSP (Summer Food Service Program) and 37,846,148 meals in the SNP (School Nutrition Program).  Total meals provided to Idaho children in 2015 was 44,546,188.

The Food and Nutrition Service administers the program at the Federal level. At the State level, these Idaho programs are administered by the Idaho State Department of Education, which operates the program through agreements with school food authorities. Idaho Child Nutrition Programs provide USDA reimbursement and USDA Foods to participating programs statewide. In addition we conduct Trainings and Compliance reviews (over 200 annually) statewide in all CNP areas. Trainings cover several different topics and can be found at our website

How can someone reach you to access your services?

If you have any questions, you can reach me by phone (208) 332-6820 or by email at


Thank you Colleen for all that you do for our great state of Idaho!


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