Fall House of Delegate Report


RoseAnna Holliday, PhD, RDN, LD, FAND

Idaho Affiliate Delegate Report


This past October, the House of Delegate (HOD) meeting was held for two days prior to FNCE in Chicago, IL. I was honored to be a table facilitator for the second year as well as a mentor to the delegate from Montana. HOD began with an update from our incoming President Donna Martin whom is also excited to speak at our 2018 meeting in Sun Valley. (Be sure and attend, Donna is a true inspiration).

The first dialogue session on Day One was Championing Nutrition and Dietetics Practitioners in Roles of Leadership in Public Health. Please refer to the documents Fact Sheet-Championing Nutrition and Dietetics Practitioners in Roles of Leadership in Public Health and the Fall HOD Backgrounder. 01-2017-Fall-HOD-Backgrounder-Final andFact-Sheet-Championing-Nurition-and-Dietetics-Practitioners-in-Roles-of-Leadership-in-Public-Health-Fact-Sheet (1) My table (#15) talked about the following items: relevance of public health leadership roles to the profession; recognizing themes or significant trends among leaders that facilitated their rise to public health leadership; discussion surrounding what systems, structures and collaborations must be in place to help nutrition and dietetic practitioners pursue this high level of leadership; and, identifying key action steps we can take to prepare for and pursue public health leadership positions and advocate for current and future opportunities. The time spent with other delegates from across the nation and representing different DPG and MIGs was very informative in helping move the profession forward to fill the vacancies that RDNs in high level leadership positions in public health will leave over the next 5 years. Day Two of the House of Delegates included a dialogue session on the Draft Code of Ethics and Communication and Education Strategies. Please refer to the draft code of ethics. draft-code-of-ethics-for-review-only–1-We identified effective communication and education strategies for the final revised and approved Code of Ethics and assisted in identifying case examples/scenarios related to the proposed principles in the Code of Ethics. The majority of focus surrounded the importance of the Academy civility code along with perceived bullying among RDNS as well as the utilization or abuse of social media to further one’s agenda or beliefs. At my table, a board of director’s representative, Kevin Sauer from Kansas, listened into our dialogue and provided input/answered questions as he served on the ethics committee to help write/update our Code of Ethics. An interesting and fluid dialogue, indeed.

As mentioned previously, please refer to the attachments regarding Public Health Leadership Fact-Sheet-Championing-Nurition-and-Dietetics-Practitioners-in-Roles-of-Leadership-in-Public-Health-Fact-Sheet (1) 01-2017-Fall-HOD-Backgrounder-Final roles and the Draft Code of Ethicsdraft-code-of-ethics-for-review-only–1- As a HOD member, we will be voting on dialogue issues in the near future. Stay tuned.

Thanks again for your continued support. I am humbled and honor to represent you at the bi annual House of Delegates meetings in the face to face and the virtual meeting environments.

Also, if you have a mega-issue that you would like the Academy and HOD to address, please let me know. There is a process, which includes writing a position paper, that I would be happy to help you facilitate making the ask to the House of Delegates Leadership Team to take on an issue important to you. I look forward to hearing from you!

RoseAnna B. Holliday, PhD, RDN, LD, FAND

Affiliate Delegate, Idaho

Contact me at: rholliday@csi.edu

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