2017 Idaho Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Award Winners


On behalf of the Awards Committee, we appreciate all who submitted letters nominating the following individuals for awards:

Gem Award: Mary Leonard 

The Gem award recognizes a nonmember who is a valued partner of the Idaho Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.  Mary Leonard has been a great asset to Idaho dietitians and an enthusiastic advocate of our profession.  She is dedicated to protecting Idaho citizens from potentially harmful medical practices by facilitating the activities of licensure.  She specifically supported us in revising and updating our state dietetics practice act, going above and beyond our expectations to make sure we were well prepared and positioned to get the votes necessary to pass our licensure bill.


Award of Merit: Holly Anderson 

The Award of Merit recognizes individuals who have contributed significantly to supporting the work of Idaho RDN’s.  Holly Anderson is a team leader at the Idaho Statesman who regularly reaches out to and recognizes the RDN as the nutrition expert when publishing nutrition articles.  Twenty years ago, RDN’s were rarely quoted in local news articles.  Today, we have an Idaho journalist who features us on a weekly basis.  Many of you have had the pleasure of working with her.    We are grateful and honored to have Holly accept this award.


Recognized Young Dietitian of the Year: Rachelle Ausman


This award recognizes dietitians 35 years of age or younger who demonstrate leadership qualities in areas related to their profession.  Nearly three years ago, we received a grant from the Foundation to enhance our social media presence and engagement.  Rachelle Ausman accepted the role of Social Media Chair on the Idaho Academy Board, propelling us forward in this area, recruiting members and students to contribute to our Affiliate’s blog.  She works cooperatively and productively with the Idaho Academy board, membership and the Executive Director.  With her leadership, we continue to highlight and market the RDN as the food and nutrition expert. 


Emerging Dietetic Leader: Kimberly Young


This award acknowledges dietitians at the beginning of their dietetics careers who support the promotion of optimal public health and nutritional status.  Kimberly Young serves on the Idaho Academy Board, is an instructor at the University of Idaho, and directly manages operations in a northern Idaho WIC Clinic.  She has a tremendous understanding of the needs of her community and plans accordingly to Make a Difference Today with Tomorrow in Mind.  Kim recently received a grant to improve community health population-based strategies in northern Idaho with goals of decreasing and preventing chronic disease in mothers and young children and improving access to healthy foods and disease management.


Outstanding Dietitian of the Year: Nancy Kure

Each year, the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recognizes an individual to receive the Affiliate’s top member award.  Nancy Kure exemplifies giving back to the future, mentoring next generation Food and Nutrition professionals for years in her work as Food Service Director at Gritman Medical Center.  She is a Past President of the Idaho Dietetic Association and encourages student participation in the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.  She is a CDE involved in the Diabetes Prevention Program.  Her colleagues refer to her as an excelled educator and group facilitator.


June Yerrington Award: Beverly Crabbs 

This Idaho Academy award acknowledges a member’s professional lifetime achievement.  This member made a significant impact in his or her community and gained the respect of the membership.  Beverly Crabbs is recognized as a mentor and teacher for dietitians in her work as a state surveyor and her continued presence at and participation in Idaho Academy meetings.  She has been a member of the National Academy for over 50 years.  Though she is retired, she continues to volunteer her time teaching at the Annual Health Care Association Convention and precepting students through the Idaho Association of Nutrition and Food Service Professionals Online Training Course.  She has been called a life-long dietitian.

Thank you Caroline Keegan for leading the Idaho Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Awards Committee this year and for writing the above dedications!

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