Support Your Colleagues at the Annual Meeting Awards Presentation

Join the fun and see your colleagues get recognized at the

Annual Meeting Awards Presentation

Friday, April 21st from 11:30 am-12:45 pm

Register NOW! Only 3 days left to register online! Online registration ends on April 7th.

Click here for more information.



“I attend the Idaho Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics Annual Meeting to learnmaureen-walker about dietitians projects, and use ideas to learn how to solve similar issues I face now or in the future. It is great to learn from other dietitians, and wonderful to see the Idaho dietitian community in action. The most valuable aspect of the meeting to me, as a student, is to learn about resources available in Idaho that I can promote or be involved in. A couple of years ago several of my classmates received awards for their work in the community. I was very proud of my fellow classmates, and it really brought full circle how amazing dietitians of Idaho are at helping their people. I know these dietitians past, present, and future are all trying to make life in Idaho a happier, healthier place.”
-Maureen Walker, DTR, B.S. Current Dietetic Intern
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